Friday, 15 April 2011

Translating and Proofreading

Services Offered

The services available:

1-Proofreading thesis,proposals,assignments,company profile,annual report,etc

2-Translating thesis,proposals,assignments,company profile,annual report,etc

3-Writing Short Scripts-Short Drama,Choral Speaking etc


RM10-RM20 per page (depending on the extent of corrections)

*professional services at a lower rate ;)


English-Malay: RM0.10 per word

Malay-English: RM0.16 per word

3-Writing Scripts:

Choral Speaking : RM0.08 per word


*Translating and proofreading are time-consuming. Please allow reasonable time for me to complete the task in order to come out with the best result.

*Feel free to e-mail me for any further explanation.

*Proofreading/translating  materials of more than 20 pages,the price is negotiable. Feel free to contact ;)

How To Contact Me?

1-E-mail me at

2-Call/SMS - 60195077396

3 - IM me           Skype - ladyfazz                              
                               MSN - Fazlina Fazz (

Procedures to follow:

1-E-mail/IM/SMS the details of the task:

*Type of task - proofreading/translating/script writing
*Number of pages/words
*Estimated time expected/dateline/due date

2-A reply E-mail will be sent as soon as possible,providing the details about the payment and time estimated to complete the task.

3-Once there is a mutual agreement between the client and and the translator/proofreader/writer,the client can straight away email the thesis/proposal/assignment to be worked on.

4-The client is to make a small non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total amount charged as a guarantee or as a commitment towards the task assigned. This is due to some cases that the client makes last minute cancellation or half-way cancellation.

5-The translator/proofreader/writer will contact the client once the task is fulfilled.

6-The client is to impose full payment(the remaining 80%)

7-The translator/proofreader/writer will email the final piece of translated/proofread materials.

How To Make Payment?

Through CDM or Online Banking:

CIMB - 0211-0044-8185-25
Fazlina Binti Mohd Abu Bakar

*Kindly email/sms/IM the details of the payment made.

Our Commitment:

1-We are doing a legal business based on honesty and trust.

2-Clients' satisfaction is our priority.

3-We hope to maintain good relationship with our existing clients as well as future clients.

4-All tasks assigned are to be completed within the time given or earlier.

5-We are open for comments and critics as we believe that those will help us in improving our services.